Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fast-Food Funnies! - Character Doodle, a comic in the making

Here is a doodle I did today at the drive-thru I am forced to work at 'til I get an udder art-job or get my 3D work to the point where I can find work doin' that. I do a lot of note taking and scribbling at the "Burger Girl" (where FFF takes place) documenting the weirdness that passes before my eyes on a daily basis. This was done on regular copy paper which I did not sneak out of the office PC, honest.
Phil is the Fry-cook, and this scribble is way better than all the sketches I have done of him so far. Original size 4.25x5.5".

Shmuck Mini-Comix #2, Bus-Stop Blues

The second disasterpiece, I mean MASTERpiece, tee-hee! I began to do stories based on my stinkin' life. Lot's more done and in progress. This is all building to the launch of my self-publishing company, Shmuck Comix and Animation, and it's 1st mini-series, Fast Food Funnies!

Shmuck Mini-Comix #1, F#ck Your Stupid God!

My CONTROVERSIAL mini-comix debut (I did some in the early 90s too). Shmuck Comix is a-coming for you! More and more mini-comix are and will be posted ASAP. Believe it or not, this stuff is SELLING!

Sierra Office and Girls

Some character and set sketches I did a couple of years ago. this was supposed to be some kinda video game. I never was clear on what they wanted and the company and game are long gone so who cares!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Anatomy of a F#cked-up Commission! Part 2

Well well well...
The jerk who commissioned me to do the Johnny Cash painting briefly emerged from the universe of Butt-Heads to toss me a tiny bone! He DID NOT MENTION the fiasco of a couple of Sunday's ago and asked if the painting was 90% done like I said (see the original posting for proof of this) then said in a rather demeaning tone of voice, "finish it this week". I told him I would get to it ASAP. Since I was at work I could not say "Hey asshole, yer lucky I don't burn it!" I went to finish it a few times over the last 3 months (that's how long it's been almost done) but when I did, I just got pissed off and moved on to something that, I don't know, made me feel GOOD. But a deal is a deal and this weekend I will get into it again. Luckily I got a cartoon commission from a person who is not a complete disrespecting ass and I will finish the pencil art tonight, then, pending approval I will ink and color it by Friday when I will be paid on time from someone with a bit of respect for The Hack Cartoonist. With their permission, I will post the job from scribble to finished art real quick-like.

This is all my own damn fault for not sticking to the 50% down rule, but I have finally learned my lesson for ever on this. I also have more mini-comix, old and new, to offend and amuse you, all 12 people who have read this.
Later fellow freaks,
the real crappy thing is