Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shmuck Comix No. 16 - Why Halloween is Better than Christmas

I kinda whipped this out last week and gave it away to the kids in the drive-through at "Burger Girl". They went nuts over it! I am convinced it's time to have a line of kid's comics!

New Editorial 'Toons for the Sovereign November Issue

The awesome guys at the Sovereign have reached new levels in production, newsprint is the best way to print comix.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another Lesson Learned

Well, I almost did it again. I let somebody lead me along thinking I would have some money coming sometime. Although they never PROMISED to pay me, they kept hinting about financial backing, etc.. and mentioning getting me a scanner (mine is not compatible with my re-vamped kick-ass eMac). Recently they said they were gonna fly me to NYC to appear at a really (they are a non-profit organization, actually just two unemployed nuts driving around in a van) and play my song. I would have to miss 2 days, unpaid, of work to do that. I thought getting me a scanner and paying me a few bucks was a better way to spend the time and money going to NYC and back, fool a that I am, they said no So I respectfully quit.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Shmuck Comix No. 15, THE 24-HOUR COMIC for 2010

On Saturday, 10-2-10, at 845am, I started my second 24-hour comic. 23 hours and 58 minutes later it was done. Last year I took 25-1/2 ours! This years comic is a lot better than "The 24-Hour Melvin", from '09, and is a FAMILY FRIENDLY comic. Only a few of my 15 comix are for all-ages.

New Editorial 'Toons for the Sovereign

Not only has "The Sov" gotten INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION and been picked up by Books-A Million, they are now going to be archived at the University of Michigan Library Special Collection, and, most importantly, THEY ARE PRINTING MY CARTOONS LARGER! WOO-HOO!