Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mini-comic cover sketch

Cover sketch for one of the upcoming mini-comix featuring Dirk!

Character Doodle

Initial scribbles of a new character soon to be featured in several mini-comix, meet Dirk...

He has a lot of work to go before he's done, like a body for starters!

Fast-Food Funnies skectch

Possible layout for possible double splash page

Promotional Cover

I tried to get work as a sign-artist recently... it brought in a couple of small freelance jobs.

Obsene Sketchbook "doodle"

Presenting a layout for an upcomig Holiday comic, feel the love!


Here are excerpts of a BUNCH of new work, see you at the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE) in April! More soon soon soon!

Piss on the President is my 1st musical! I think it emotes true feelings in Americans.

This is an abandoned satire on the Dream Cruise, held every summer in Metro-Detroit.

Oh, those wacky, wacky, WACKY, teens!

Shmuck Comix' 2nd musical!

My 1st observation based on my years working in an in-house advertising department.

Work-in-progress; Fun With the I.R.S.

Yet another seach for spiritual salvation...
FAST-FOOD FUNNIES! These mini-comics are a series of glimpses into what will be a 96-page story, holy crap!

All of these comix are available for 1 dollar, post-paid from Mark Sahagian, 4615 Mandalay, Royal Oak, MI 48073