Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anatomy of a F#cked-up Commission, Part Whatever!

Well, after 18 months or some s#it, this idiot still has been promising me this and that and delivering no cash. He even said "we'll go out for drinks!". Right, like I'm gonna drink with this pig-licker! What are we gonna talk about? The asshole that is screwing me on my Johnny Cash commission? Holy Crap, but like I said, it's my own fault, I DID NOT GET A 50% DOWN PAYMENT! I even gave him two ultimatums, since I am such a bleeding heart, to no avail.
SO LONG SCUMBAG! When I finish the painting I will post a nice photo of it, maybe I can get a few bucks for it. Plus, I will (VERY slowly) pay this jerk half his money back, then I will burn his house down.

Anatomy of a GOOD Commission

Here is the small rough of an oil painting in progress, God I'm fat! (I'm working on it...)
The final is 24 x 36". Oil painting is the hardest thing in the world, next to finding a good comic book.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Believe it or not, someone put me on the cover of their magazine!

Melvin Meets the Press, the tired 3rd part of the trilogy

The Outstanding online art-mag, RKYV has done an article on The Hack Himself, probably out of pity. My sincerest thanks to Randy and all his cohorts. Gotta love our neighbors to the north!
Thanks for ever guys!


New Sketchbook Comic, One F#CKED-UP WEEKEND

Right outta my sketckbook, warts and all...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Melvin Meets the Press 2

A GOOD review of my mini-comix controversial classic "Anti-Christ Comix" .
Just scroll down a bit...


Melvin Meets the Press

Yes, I am FINALLY getting a bit o' media attention. Here is an interview with the Hack
at the Small Press and Alternative COmics Expo in Coulumbus OH, april of '09


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Introducing...MELVIN and the MEL-TONES!

In February of 2009, recording history was made as I got my sorry middle-aged butt into the recording studio to "lay down some tracks"! Well, one, anyhoo. "No Woman, No Car, No Money" was written and "produced" by me, and engineered by Rick Beard in his studio. Photos by Scott Mitchell, who played an Awesome ukulele! I AM STILL TRYING TO UPLOAD THE MP3, HELP!

My brother Ted on piano...

Rick on drums

Me on guitar...

Still me on guitar...

Still more me on guitar..

Jim Gorski on bass fiddle...