Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What Was I Thinking?, continued...

I will admit if I could have just drawn (and scripted if not actually wrote) this strip without having being used as some kinda patsy for someone else's faith(?) I would have kept doing it, provided I got paid a fair rate and held half the copyright. Actually, now that I think about it, I DO own half of the copyright, I just got put-off by not being allowed the American right of freedom of religion. We should have the right to freedom FROM religion, shouldn't we? For the record, I drank 2 glasses of wine while posting this and do not feel any dumber than normal.

What was I Thinking? version 716B

Years ago I was approached by I guy who I thought was a harmless eccentric, and asked to develop a web-comic for his church. I needed the dough so I said yes. Little did I realize he was trying to convert / indoctrinate / whatever me into his fold. The strip was called "Messenger Man". I think I did a good job on the art, and I really wrote the whole thing under his "guidance"

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Here is a preview of my contribution to National 24 Hour Comic Day...

More Melvin in the Media

I forgot about these guys and thank them for the exposure, give their sites/ blogs a look. it's good stuff!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Okay, I Forgot One...

The Kirby influence is obvious...
Kirby is still King!

Saturday, August 01, 2009


Here's a bunch of stuff from 2-3 years ago...
I must have been in a REAL good mood that day.
This is stuff from an un-used mini-comic called "Right Wing Coke-Heads and Left Wing Bigots"

These are studies for a BIG project that will eventually come out under the name "Conspiracy Caper" which is actually a title of an old underground comic so I will have t o change it.

More of the same...Even more of the same...

This guy will be one of the main characters, and Melvin will be there too.
Misc. doodles

These are layouts of a commission that will be posted once it's finished.
this final version will be displayed at Rallo's Pizza in Royal Oak, MI. Just a funny face.

Studies of characters for my Lightwave 3D Demo-reel, I have since scrapped them, at least temporarily.

More of the same...

From my online strip "Alien Talk-Show Hosts Walk Among Us",
@, the website is currently under re-construction.

Rejected cover studies for a digest sized mini-comic
called "I'm Angry!"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anatomy of a F#cked-up Commission, Part Whatever!

Well, after 18 months or some s#it, this idiot still has been promising me this and that and delivering no cash. He even said "we'll go out for drinks!". Right, like I'm gonna drink with this pig-licker! What are we gonna talk about? The asshole that is screwing me on my Johnny Cash commission? Holy Crap, but like I said, it's my own fault, I DID NOT GET A 50% DOWN PAYMENT! I even gave him two ultimatums, since I am such a bleeding heart, to no avail.
SO LONG SCUMBAG! When I finish the painting I will post a nice photo of it, maybe I can get a few bucks for it. Plus, I will (VERY slowly) pay this jerk half his money back, then I will burn his house down.

Anatomy of a GOOD Commission

Here is the small rough of an oil painting in progress, God I'm fat! (I'm working on it...)
The final is 24 x 36". Oil painting is the hardest thing in the world, next to finding a good comic book.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Believe it or not, someone put me on the cover of their magazine!

Melvin Meets the Press, the tired 3rd part of the trilogy

The Outstanding online art-mag, RKYV has done an article on The Hack Himself, probably out of pity. My sincerest thanks to Randy and all his cohorts. Gotta love our neighbors to the north!
Thanks for ever guys!

New Sketchbook Comic, One F#CKED-UP WEEKEND

Right outta my sketckbook, warts and all...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Melvin Meets the Press 2

A GOOD review of my mini-comix controversial classic "Anti-Christ Comix" .
Just scroll down a bit...

Melvin Meets the Press

Yes, I am FINALLY getting a bit o' media attention. Here is an interview with the Hack
at the Small Press and Alternative COmics Expo in Coulumbus OH, april of '09

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Introducing...MELVIN and the MEL-TONES!

In February of 2009, recording history was made as I got my sorry middle-aged butt into the recording studio to "lay down some tracks"! Well, one, anyhoo. "No Woman, No Car, No Money" was written and "produced" by me, and engineered by Rick Beard in his studio. Photos by Scott Mitchell, who played an Awesome ukulele! I AM STILL TRYING TO UPLOAD THE MP3, HELP!

My brother Ted on piano...

Rick on drums

Me on guitar...

Still me on guitar...

Still more me on guitar..

Jim Gorski on bass fiddle...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

ACEO Cards For Sale

Greetings fellow freaks, here are 3 little beauties for sale at $3 a piece post paid. Go ahead and google "ACEO Cards" for info. These are 2-1/2 x 3-1/2", done in ink markers and Watercolor-pencils.

" Bummer Man..."

"I'm Kind of Angry"
"Wierd Vibes"
Send $ to Mark Sahagian, 4615 Mandalay, Royal Oak MI 48073

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mini-comic cover sketch

Cover sketch for one of the upcoming mini-comix featuring Dirk!

Character Doodle

Initial scribbles of a new character soon to be featured in several mini-comix, meet Dirk...

He has a lot of work to go before he's done, like a body for starters!

Fast-Food Funnies skectch

Possible layout for possible double splash page

Promotional Cover

I tried to get work as a sign-artist recently... it brought in a couple of small freelance jobs.

Obsene Sketchbook "doodle"

Presenting a layout for an upcomig Holiday comic, feel the love!


Here are excerpts of a BUNCH of new work, see you at the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE) in April! More soon soon soon!

Piss on the President is my 1st musical! I think it emotes true feelings in Americans.

This is an abandoned satire on the Dream Cruise, held every summer in Metro-Detroit.

Oh, those wacky, wacky, WACKY, teens!

Shmuck Comix' 2nd musical!

My 1st observation based on my years working in an in-house advertising department.

Work-in-progress; Fun With the I.R.S.

Yet another seach for spiritual salvation...
FAST-FOOD FUNNIES! These mini-comics are a series of glimpses into what will be a 96-page story, holy crap!

All of these comix are available for 1 dollar, post-paid from Mark Sahagian, 4615 Mandalay, Royal Oak, MI 48073