Saturday, August 01, 2009


Here's a bunch of stuff from 2-3 years ago...
I must have been in a REAL good mood that day.
This is stuff from an un-used mini-comic called "Right Wing Coke-Heads and Left Wing Bigots"

These are studies for a BIG project that will eventually come out under the name "Conspiracy Caper" which is actually a title of an old underground comic so I will have t o change it.

More of the same...Even more of the same...

This guy will be one of the main characters, and Melvin will be there too.
Misc. doodles

These are layouts of a commission that will be posted once it's finished.
this final version will be displayed at Rallo's Pizza in Royal Oak, MI. Just a funny face.

Studies of characters for my Lightwave 3D Demo-reel, I have since scrapped them, at least temporarily.

More of the same...

From my online strip "Alien Talk-Show Hosts Walk Among Us",
@, the website is currently under re-construction.

Rejected cover studies for a digest sized mini-comic
called "I'm Angry!"

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